Invest in Effective Supports for Opportunity Youth

The Reconnecting Youth Campaign is a collaborative national effort to increase FY20 appropriations for the evidence-based federal programs that provide education, training, national service, employment opportunities and supportive services to "Opportunity Youth" (young people ages 16 to 24 who are not in school or work). With increased investment, these federal programs can provide pathways for 1 million young people each year. This will help local employers find the qualified candidate they desperately need to expand their businesses and grow the national economy. Non-partisan analyses have found that this investment would more than pay for itself in reduced long-term government expenditures and increased tax revenue.

Reach out to your Senators today and urge them to work with their colleagues to invest in what we know works.

Personalized messages are especially effective - please consider sharing your own story and explaining why this issue is important to you! You can edit the draft text below!
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