The Time is Now for the Senate to Act on School Finance

All children, regardless of their ZIP code, deserve access to a high quality education. The 5.4 million students enrolled in Texas public schools have waited for a solution long enough.

The Texas House passed a landmark public education bill, HB 3, but meaningful school finance reform will only happen if lawmakers come together to make necessary investments in education. As the Senate and House work in these few remaining weeks to finalize a school finance bill, the Center for Public Policy Priorities urges members to keep the following recommendations in mind:

  • Funding should be student based;  
  • Make sure districts have flexibility to meet their unique needs;
  • Supplemental or enrichment funds should not create unequitable financial windfalls for a few property rich districts;
  • Any property tax reductions should be equitable and not harm the state’s future ability to invest in public education and other state needs.

Take action - the time is now for the Senate to act and for both chambers to prioritize Texas students in a school finance remodel!

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