Fully Fund Programs to Keep Youth in Schools & Out of the Criminal Justice System!

Juvenile Crime Prevention Councils (JCPCs) provided services to 21,248 children across North Carolina in FY 2017-2018, providing localized services to all 100 counties, including residential programs, skill building, and teen court.  Starting December 1, 2019, North Carolina will raise the age of juvenile court jurisdiction to 18-years-old. We anticipate an additional 9,700 young people will be referred to JCPCs throughout the state. These services are critical to keeping youth out of the justice system, they are cheaper than incarceration, and data shows they keep youth from committing future offenses. Furthermore, it cost North Carolina $996.20 per child to serve them in their community through a JCPC and more than $100,000 to serve them in a secure juvenile facility.


Please tell our General Assembly legislative chairs that fully funding JCPCs is good for kids and even better for public safety!


Personalized messages are especially effective – please consider sharing your own or your organization's story and explaining why this issue is important to you!

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