Tell Your Representative to Support Funding for Programs that Help Opportunity Youth

Congress is starting to look at appropriation levels for FY19. Several programs that support opportunity youth are in need of additional funding. Specifically, we are asking for representatives in both chambers to support a Labor-HHS-Education spending bill that funds YouthBuild at $92.5 million, AmeriCorps State/National at $415 million, Education for Homeless Children and Youth at $93.5 million, Consolidated Homeless Youth Programs at $110.28 million, and Vocational Rehabilitation at $3.521 billion.

We are also seeking robust funding levels for Reentry Employment Opportunities, WIOA Youth and Adult Workforce Training, Job Corps, Adult Secondary Education Grants, Prevention Grants to Reduce Abuse of Runaway Youth, Educational and Training Vouchers, and National Civilian Corps programs. 

Please use the form below to contact your representatives and let them know how much this funding means to you and your community. You can send the message as drafted or add your own personal story or talking points as well.

Thanks for your support!
This campaign has now concluded.